27 August 2011


September's going to be busy month for me.
I decided to join 4 blog trains for the month of September.
And I also decided to do Freebie Friends' September Challenge.
I don't want to show off the full kits yet, but I thought I'd give y'all a lil teaser taste of these upcoming kits.
Freebie Friends September Blog Challenge - Child Cancer Awareness
Freebie Friends Back To School Blog Train - Set to leave the Station September 1st
The Original Goodie Train Back To School - Set to leave the Station Sept. 1st
The Brat Pack - Witches N' Britches Blog Train - Set to leave the Station September 15th
BnB Blog Train - Witching Season - Set to leave the station Sept. 15th

15 August 2011

FTU CU Goodies!!!!

I had Sunday off, and decided to play around in PSP and made a few goodies for y'all.
I also created Templates out of a couple of items that I created a lil while back right before I went offline. So Here y'all go!
I hope that y'all enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed creating them.
PLEASE let me know that you downloaded anything from my blog by leaving a quick thank you, hello or even ifn y'all are so inclined... a bugger off.
I get emails from the site I host the downloads at every time that someone downloads something, and I will admit that it gets a little discouraging when I check my blog and there's no comments or messages in the chat box... 'cept for spam.
'Kay I'mma done now.. so on to the downloading portion of our day.

~My First Attempt at Vector Doodles~
I created these playing with the pen tool and such.. thought the end result was sorda cute.
The Dots on the flower are n a separate layer so you can use them or not.
Download HERE

~My Ribbon Flutterbies~
These originated from a mistake ifn y'all would believe that.
I was having issues with the settings to create bows and the first fatter flutterby was the result.
Yesterday I played around with a few settings and whatnot and came up with the new version.
Download HERE

~Folded Ribbon Templates~
Yet another experiment which I liked the result of.
Download HERE

Coupla more Folded Ribbons. These with staples.
Download HERE

~Halter Top Template~
I created this halter top for my Summer Fun Kit for The Brat Pack "Summer Lovin'"Blog Train
so decided to release the Template for y'all to use.
Download HERE

~Halloween Templates~
This Template Set includes Two Spider Templates (one basic flat and one bevelled)
a Tattered Witch Hat and a Candy Corn Template.
Download HERE

For those who prefer Scripts, I'm working on some, but I don't know when I'll be able to get them made. I am currently without any script testers, so this is a slow process at the moment.
I have more goodies in the works, so I'll be back with more soon.

13 August 2011


So last night I was trying to work out a colour palette for my weekly Colour Challenge at Freebie Friends, and this kind of "Tiffany" Blue popped out at me.. I added a chocolaty Brown, a lighter blue and a cream, but was at loss for a name for the palette.
To my Boyfriend's utter disgust I was also watching Princess Diaries, and the name "Princessa" seemed to work for the colours I liked.
Not wanting to do things halfway, I whipped up this lil kit, which grew a lil larger than originally planned.
I hope that y'all like!
Click on the download button to well y'know.. download.

Here's a tag I whipped up with my kit (also done last night) yes it's true i never sleep lol.

and I also tutted it and posted it at Freebie Friends!
Click on the tag to go to the tut if you'd like.

12 August 2011

More Free Kits for yall!

While I was offline, I was a busy lil Bratt, and finished a few kits I've had on the back burner.
First for y'all I have my Independence kit. 24 elements, and 18 papers.
Great for patriotic tags and such.

Next up for y'all, is a kit I've named "Brattilicious"
It's a fun bright kit that I created in honour of my birthday which was on June 20th.
60 Elements and 48 papers.
Click on Preview to download.

Last but not least....
My First Kiss
20 Elements and 17 papers.
Click on Preview to Download.


I thought that I had this post scheduled to have been posted on July, 1st.. but obviously it didn't save.
I've been offline for the past two months or so.. so I haven't been able to get on here to fix it.
So.. FINALLY.. I present to y'all.. Emo Summerliscious.... which was to have been part of the Freebie Friends Blog Train.
Click on the preview above to download.