25 March 2013


Hey y'all,
Not sure ifn' y'all have noticed, but I've FINALLY gotten around to redoing the blog.  I've had this idea planned out for well over a year now, but as I've stated before darned life changes always come around and bite us when we least expect it. 
I used my Stick Wit U Kit which was a PTU kit that I created a while back.  it's cute and fun and one of my faves.  Other than the new purties I decorated with, there are a few other changes in store.
If you notice the tabs above, I've gotten rid of the "Made With Brattitude" Tab.  This means that I've decided to NOT sell my work at all.. at least for the moment.  I haven't been able to join any stores, and with how undependable I've had to be the past few years, it's just not worth it.  SO.. (and this is happy news for everyone) I've just decided to add everything that I had earmarked for PTU added here for free download.
I'm SLOWLY getting everything uploaded and linked.  Currently I have the Kits page up and running.
There are 29 kits on that page right now.  I had to redo a few things in some of the kits to make them acceptable to be allowed for free download according to some TOU's.  I also have on that page most of the kits that I've already had available here, BUT I will NOT be redoing the blog train links.
Soon as I can get it done you will also be seeing links for tagging supplies.. I have some new forum style tag templates almost ready to go.  And for kit designers, I will have more CU items and a page just for them as well. 
Here's a tag I made using one of the kits down up for download. 
I was going to tut it, but it didn't come out quite how I wanted it, so back to the drawing board for me on that one. 
For your freebie today I've created a kit called "Love's Garden"
very pink and fluffy and all that rot.....
Here's a Tag I made with the kit.

To Download the kit, click on the Download button below.
That's all I have for y'all today, but keep checking in, I'mma try to get everything uploaded, and make some time to create new goodies for y'all.
Take care, and see y'all next time!