21 March 2013


Brand New FTU Kit.. just finished it yesterday...
The name "Take Me Away" refers to the old Calgon Commercials.  More or less it's a spa - inspired kit.
Personal Use only (sorry just realised that wasn't on the preview)
26 Elements and 10 papers
Click on Preview to Download.

Boom Boom Pow Mini
Created this back in June or July of 2012 while I was offline.. and found it while I was spring cleaning my External Hard drive.
23 Elements and 12 Papers
Personal use only.
Click on Preview to Download

Golden Hope
I had originally created this a while back for Freebie friends for a blog challenge.  Unfortunately I lost my internet and was unable to upload it in time.  I found it on the external and decided that I oughta share it now.
Click on Preview to Download.

That's all that I have for today.
I hope that everyone enjoys the kits.  Please take a second to leave a comment if possible.  I truly do appreciate it and it helps me to keep creating things for y'all to download.
Have a beautiful day!

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