10 March 2013


Hey Everyone!
So it's been a LONG while since I've last posted. 
I've had alot of changes in my life.
a little over a year ago my father passed away.
A few months after that my relationship with my boyfriend ended.
In September I moved back home to Hawai'i from Michigan after being gone for over 10 years.
So to say that there has been changes... well yeah.. just a couple.
Back in June, I started working on a kit that was going to be released for Halloween.  That didn't happen.. as a matter of fact I never finished the kit.  BUT what I did finish were a few scripts, and some templates... And the original Elements that I completed for the kit.... I found all of these lovelies today and decided that I would just share them all with y'all.  So here y'all go.
Click on the previews to download.
Please PLEASE take a minute to leave a comment either in the chat box or down below.  It really does mean alot to me.

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  1. Awesome luv these THANK YOU ;~} for still sharing these...